Choosing the Right Glass Hand Pipe for You

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Glass Hand Pipe

Whether you are a first-time glass pipe buyer or already a seasoned smoker, choosing the right glass pipe can still be curiously difficult, with the many options available. Before opting for a masterpiece that looks like a spaceship or your uncle’s foot, ask yourself what kind of a smoker are you? Are you new to smoking, wanting to switch to pipe because your thumbs are tired from all the rolling? Maybe you want to scale up or want a more intense delivery of the hit?

Here are 3 kinds of glass pipes you can opt for, depending on how you smoke:

  • One Hit Glass Pipes or Chillums – As a beginner, you should consider a one hitter glass pipe, commonly known as a chillum. It is the most basic—simply put a batch of dried herbs in one end and inhale from the other end. Because these are more compact in size, the dried herb capacity is limited to one smoke. Chillums are convenient, simple, and portable, but they tend to be void of the filtering features that enhance a smoking experience.
    • We don't carry these types of simple pipes at Glass City, but we do have a glass blunt that adds a little bit of sophistication to the simple solo use pipes
  • Spoon Pipes – As said earlier, maybe you feel you are ready for a more intense experience with features that enhance smoking and prevents dried herbs from staling. This pipe is similar to a chillum, except that the container for the herbs is like a spoon with a small hole on the side of the pipe. The small hole is called a carburetor or carb for short. When smoking, light the herbs, keep the carb covered with your thumb, and when you inhale, release your thumb. The hole does keep the smoke fresh and lets you control the airflow. The carb is a feature that makes the spoon glass pipe a staple tool for smokers because of its still compact while delivering a longer and more intense hit.
  • Sherlock and/or Gandalf – If you want iconic glass pipes, there are the Sherlock and Gandalf. These classics do not usually feature a carburetor, but since they can hold more herbs, and well, they were designed for heavy pipe smokers, they deliver more intense and stronger hits indeed! Sherlocks usually have flat bottoms, so the pipe can stand in an upright position when not in use. The Gandalf glass pipe has the sleek length. Long use produces a build up in the longer pipes that enhances flavor, but if you’re not into that added “flavor”, there are ways to clean these types of pipes.

The advantage of glass pipes over other pipes such as metal ones is that they do not create a chemical reaction when heated. Metal bowls tend to accumulate toxins that are bad for you. Glass pipes are made of a special scientifically constructed quality glass called borosilicate. They can stand high temperatures and substances without reacting to either, keeping the integrity and shape of the smoking tool and smoke quality.

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