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Take your pick from the hottest brands in the industry. Find Diamond Glass, Empire Glassworks, Grav Labs, and more brand name products that are competitively priced. Whether you’re looking for smooth American glass or your next favorite piece, our online bong shop is here to hook you up with a sick glass pipe, bong, or rig.

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Enter our bong shop without leaving your home! We offer loads of well-designed options, from classic beakers and straight tubes to higher quality expert level pieces that will titulate both beginners and bong veterans. Intricacies aside, Glass City Pipes offers the finest in glass bongs for sale, especially with products from industry heavyweights like Tsunami and Grace Glass.

Don't sleep on our dab rig options! Dabbing has quickly become a favorite method of effectively smoking, and it's fun! Glass City Pipes offers some impressive, cost-effective rigs from fan-favorite glass companies like Hoss Glass and others. Relish in a top-shelf smoking experience and a beautiful glass rig. 

We carry an eclectic mix of hand pipes, water pipes, steamrollers, and more from trending brands like Empire Glassworks. We have glass pipes that fit into any smoker’s lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for something more unique or a minimalist pipe, Glass City Pipes has options for as little as $9, so you can pack your next bowl with pleasure.

Grav Labs - Easy Slider 4'' Glass Blunt

Grav Labs - Easy Slider 4'' Glass Blunt

Regular price $11.99
Grav Labs 10 inch Gandalf Glass Hand Pipe Jade Green

Grav Labs Glass Gandalf Pipe (Multiple Colors)

Regular price $31.99

Grav Labs Classic 4 inch Spoon Hand Pipe (Multiple Colors)

Regular price $20.00

We're proud to offer an entire section in our shop dedicated to glass pipes and bongs made in America. Browse all our favorite U.S. brands like Grav Labs and AMG Glass for reliable, top-quality methods of smoking. All of our available pipes and glass bongs for sale are blown from durable borosilicate glass, ensuring a precious piece that will last you a long time.

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