Grav Labs - Easy Slider 4'' Glass Blunt

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Product Description

A glass blunt is an efficient and discreet way to smoke. It takes the same heaping amount of herb that you would use for a paper blunt and lets you smoke it through a glass chamber. When done correctly, the same amount of herb can last twice as long as it would with a paper blunt and it looks cool too. Both of these features help to save you money!!

There are lots of glass blunts on that market, but none of these items come with the high quality of Grav. Grav really has improved on the design of the glass joint and theirs works like a champ once you get the hang of it. The trick to use is treating it just like a regular hand rolled piece. You just hit it, then push the mouthpiece in slowly to ash it. Make sure you don't push too far or you might push out some herb. The indented mouthpiece catches any ash on the inhale and prevents clogs. 

  • We estimate a user can load about .5 grams of legal smoking product into the chamber.
  • Approximately 4 inches long.
  • Helps keeps the material lit, wind resistant.
  • Simply push the the tube in to ash when finished.

Available in multiple colors, with a colored Grav logo on each pipe.