How to Clean a Water Bong

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How to Clean a Water Bong

Have you ever used a bong that so badly needed to be cleaned that it ruined your entire smoking experience? There’s nothing worse than noticing a strange taste or smell to your smoke, only to look down and realize that the bong you have been smoking out of has a thick film on the walls and cloudy, smelly water. Keep yourself from being put in that unpleasant situation ever again by learning how to clean a water bong.


Benefits of Cleaning Your Water Bong

It’s no secret that bacteria love still water. Over time bacteria will grow and build up in the water inside of your bong, eventually leading to a bad smell and even taste in each hit. Cleaning your water bong on a regular basis will vastly improve your smoking experience. Each inhale will be smoother and the great taste of your product will be richer. Regular bong hygiene will help you use it for its intended purpose: a pleasurable smoking experience every time.


How To Clean a Water Bong

Keep your product tasting like it should with these ten steps to cleaning your bong. You are going to need a few items: rubbing alcohol, salt, water, 4 ziplock bags, saran wrap, 2 rubber bands, and access to a sink.


Step One

Pull out the bowl and the downstem of your water bong and put them into separate ziplock bags.


Step Two

After removing your bowl and downstem, pour rubbing alcohol and two tablespoons of salt down the neck of the bong into the base. Add rubbing alcohol until the bong is filled about three-quarters of the way up with the rubbing alcohol and salt solution.


Step Three

Cover the top of the bong with saran wrap and then place a rubber band around the saran wrap to seal the top of the bong. Cover the stem opening of the bong with saran wrap and a rubber band as well.


Step Four

Now that your water bong is sealed, shake your bong vigorously to get the cleaning solution moving around the bong. Shaking your bong will loosen up all of the residue in the base. Continue to shake it until there is no longer any film on the sides of the bong.


Step Five

Add rubbing alcohol and ½ tablespoon of salt into each of your ziplock bags holding your bowl and downstem. Seal the ziplock bags and shake them to clean off any film on your bowl and downstem.


Step Six

Pour the cleaning solution in your water bong and ziplock bags down the sink.


Step Seven

Pour hot water down the neck of the bong into the base. Make sure to seal the head and the stem opening of the bong with saran wrap and rubber bands again. Start shaking and swirling your bong with the hot water to wash out any remaining residue and the cleaning solution. After your bong looks sparkling clean, pour the water down the drain and rinse several times if desired.


Step Eight

Place your bowl and your downstem in their own new and clean ziplock bags again. Add hot water and seal the ziplock bags. Start shaking the bags to get any leftover cleaning solution off of your bowl and downstem. Then pour out the water and rinse them in the sink as much as desired.


Step Nine

After letting everything dry, put your bowl and downstem back into your clean water bong.


Step Ten

Enjoy a fresh bowl in your newly sparkling clean bong!


Enjoying the Benefits of a Clean Water Bong

After you have a smoke from a newly cleaned water bong, you will never go back to being content with smoking from a dirty bong again! Not only do you never need to have the unpleasant experience of smelling dirty bong water again, but your lungs will be happy to be free from it too. Cleaning your bong regularly will give you a crisper, smoother smoke with a fuller flavor.

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