Different Types of Hand Pipes

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Different Types of Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are not all made the same. To the untrained or new to smoking, it can get a bit confusing, especially with all the features and materials used in making a pipe. Before digging deep into the kind of pipes by feature, shape, or size; let’s consider the materials. Glass hand pipes are still the most popular, hands down. But you might come across wooden and metal ones too. And because of curiosity and just to experience something new, you could consider purchasing these other types as well. 

Wood Hand Pipes

Wood pipes are nostalgic to say the least, in appearance and of course, flavor. They have an organic feel, as if you are in the great outdoors like smokers from previous eras. People use them mostly for the style and the added earth flavors, as the woodsy smoke is mixed into your herbs. The smokey flavor of the type of wood used can bring a different kind of experience to your smoking pleasure. The disadvantage to wood hand pipes is cleaning the apparatus. It can’t be soaked in a cleaning solution because that will destroy the wood. Wood is very porous; the smell and taste might also be affected by alcohol or other solutions. They aren’t practical in that sense and most wood pipe smokers use them for nostalgia or maybe as a collector’s item.

Metal Hand Pipes

Metal pipes are popular and easily purchased online, at a local smoke shop, and even in convenience stores. They are the cheapest smoking alternative, and very handy. They can be dismantled into small parts to easily travel with and clean. They do not shatter or break easily—they are durable, handy, and cheap. The downside of smoking with metal pipes is the strong metal taste. Of course, they can deliver the same experience, but as you appreciate smoking more, you also want the clean taste of the herbs. If you appreciate the different flavors, then you don’t want that to mingle with a taste of metal.

Glass Hand Pipe

Now if you want pure unadulterated smoking pleasure, glass hand pipes are unbeatable. They are made from high grade scientifically formulated glass to withstand heat. They are easy to clean and can even be soaked in cleaning solutions without the worry of altering any of their physical properties or the quality of smoke they deliver. The art of glass blowing can produce collector pieces that are still usable and handy. For a little nostalgia and sense of humor, there are “Gandalf” and “Sherlock” glass hand pipes, so you don’t miss the classic look. If you want easy to use and convenient to travel with, there are one hitters and a spoon variety. The only downside is that they are fragile.

The different types of pipes offer different benefits as well as their disadvantages. For your smoking needs, visit https://glasscitypipes.com/collections/glass-hand-pipes. We offer free shipping for all US orders.

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