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Heady glass pieces that are sure to impress

Smoking is generally considered to be a fun, lighthearted activity, and your bong should represent that. Glass City Pipes’s heady unique bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a spectrum of smokers. Here are a few nonconformists to add personality and flavor to your glass roster.


Ultra Recycler Grace Grass Water Bong

Grace Glass

The human race can learn a lesson from Grace Glass's ultimate recycling machine, the 12.5-inch Ultra Recycler. For those uninitiated, a recycler is a bong that continuously filters the water while smoke is inhaled. The circulation and two-chamber system result in a silky smooth hit. This recycler, however, does not include a percolator, which is unnecessary due to its 10 recycling tubes.


Pineapple Paradise Glass Water Bong

Empire Glassworks

SpongeBong Squarepants would happily take up residence in this tropical pineapple piece by Empire Glassworks. This 5.5-inch tall pina colada water pipe is made with American glass, and no detail is spared. (Don't eat the glass garnishes! They’re not real! ) This unique bong is a vacation, so take a hit, mute your alerts, and tell your boss to leave you alone. You’re on island time.


Avacadope Heady Glass Bong Water Pipe

Empire Glassworks

Avocados are arguably the best fruit there is. Or is it a vegetable? Nobody knows. But what we do know is that this handmade avocado piece is the dopest. And unlike real avocados, this thick and durable unique bong made with American glass will last a very long time.


Mini Beehive Glass Bong Water Pipe

Empire Glassworks


Winnie the Pooh was caught ripping this Empire Glassworks bee and honey piece, and the mystery of why he doesn’t wear pants is now solved: Pooh is always high. This unique bong is beautifully handcrafted. The 5.5-inch beaker piece with dripping honey and mini bee embellishments create a sweet one-of-a-kind piece.


Shenron Bong Water Pipe

Empire Glassworks

This Shenron bong is as magical as the dragon himself. The 7.5-inch heady glass unique bong comes with a vibrant dragon ball base. Summon Shenron from the fiery depths by taking a massive hit, and all your wishes will come true.


Triple Cube Glass Water Pipe

AMG Glass

Sometimes bigger is better—such is the case with this massive 19-inch handblown AMG Glass water pipe. This unique bong is made with three cubed chambers for maximum smoke storage. Picasso would definitely buy this avant-garde piece.


Rocketship Double Showerhead Perc Glass Bong Water Pipe

AMG Glass

Blast off with this double showerhead perc unique bong reminiscent of Apollo 11 spacecraft. The 13-inch piece is hand blown with borosilicate glass. The double filtration ensures smooth smoking so you can take one small toke for man and one giant rip for mankind.


Recycler-style Glass Bong with Slotted Puck Perc

Alien Flower Monkey

These 9-inch unique bongs come in a variety of colors that look like they belong in a science lab on Neptune. Recyclers are known to create enjoyable smoking experiences due to the filtration system; the barrel perc continually circulates the water while smoke is inhaled.

Glass City Pipes offers an extensive catalog of unique bongs, including the elaborate pieces on this list. Look at our full menu of heady bongs to find an enviable piece to add to your original collection.

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