9.5 Inch Dual Function Recycler Water Pipe w/ Perc

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Product Description

Recyclers continue to be one of the best designs for filtering smoke and this water pipe holds form. This approx 9.5 inch recycler has an intricate design with smoke traveling in and out of the main charmer through several tubes. The angled 14mm fixed joint brings in smoke through a showerhead percolator, where it then enters the main chambers. The smoke then travels out of the chamber through a tube system that includes several diffusion holes. The vast levels of filtration are expected to give a truly smooth smoking experience. This piece also features a splash guard which helps to keep water in you pipe and off of you lips.

  • Height: 9.5 inches
  • Bowl: 14mm
  • Angled mouthpiece for safety and functionality

Thick, high quality glass!!