14'' Straight Tube Glass Bong w/ Four Percolators

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Product Description

This Sleek, Straight Tube clear glass water pipe is a super functional and smooth piece. The glass bong stands at approx. 14'' tall and features a flared base (approx. 4.7 inches) for sturdiness and thick 5mm borosilicate glass for durability. At an affordable price, this sleek, simple, and highly functional bong is a steal. 

This bong provides an incredibly smooth hit as smoke enters the pipe through a matrix percolator, then travels through two consecutive honeycomb percolators, and finally through an additional matrix percolator. The awesome design also features an ice pinch, which helps to cool your smoke and provide an even more refreshing hit. The combination of these features creates an incredibly smooth and awesome smoking experience.


  • Fixed downstem to 4 percolators
  • 4 percolators (2 matrix percs and 2 honeycomb percs)
  • Approx.14" tall & 18mm joint size
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Sleek clear glass design