The "Monster" 18 Inch Freezable Coil Glass Bong w/ Dual Percs.

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Product Description

The "Monster" is an absolutely massive bong, that stands at approx. 18 inches and is made with thick, durable glass. Known as the monster, because only an animal could clear this bong in one rip. Features include: an inline percolater in the lower base, a sprinkler percolator in the upper base, and a freezable coil in the tube. The two percolators create some amazing filtration for you smoke, while the coil (after being frozen) cools the smoke. The combo of these three things makes a super smooth hit each time. 

The coil is made to be removed so you can put it in your freezer and then affixed to the beaker for the coolest and smoothest of hits. The coil is easily removed and held in place via a keck clip. Additionally, the coil features a roll stop on the outside of the piece, so that it won't roll off a surface when placed down separately.

The design includes blue accents  on the base, inline perc, coil, and keck clip.

  • Height: Approx.12 inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm female joint
  • Bowl Size: 18mm male
  • Functionality: Inline Perc, Sprinkler Per, & Freezable Coil

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