The "Fathership" 9 Inch Fab Egg Inspired Glass Bong

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Product Description

The "Fathership" glass bong stands at 9 inches tall, features a cool recycler style body, and has a smooth Matrix percolator. Smoke enters the pipe via the fixed 90 degree downstem and is immediately filtered via the matrix perc. The smoke then travels through all of the curves of the Faberge egg body, before heading up through the bent neck and to your lips. This is he perfect piece for a relaxed smoking sesh with your friends...or alone, we don't judge. 

This fab egg features that perfect faberge shaping that concentrate connoisseurs love, but for a fraction of the price! There is little space for smoke to gather, enabling you to get super smooth hits every time. Your smoke is first filtered by the Matrix perc before shredding through the eight fab holes in the body. With percolation comes better filtration, improving your smoking sesh. 

  • Awesome matric percolator 
  • Approx. 9" tall & 14mm joint size
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Recycler style with Fab Egg design