Sesh Supply - Nyx Mini Passthrough Water Pipe Bong

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Product Description

This approximately 7'' recycler style bong is designed by Sesh Supply in Georgia. The design features a bent neck for those who like to lay back and relax, an awesome ball design in the center of the water pipe, and a flared base for sturdiness. Smoke travels in through the pipe through a fixed 14mm female joint and travels through and interior and exterior tube directly to a circ perc. The circ perc filters your smoke and creates a super smooth smoking experience. 

This water pipe is also an excellent candidate to be used as a dab rig, just pick up a 14mm male jointed nail and you'll have an awesome duall purpose pipe. 


  • Circ percolator and awesome round tube design
  • Fixed female joint and angled mouthpiece
  • Thick borosilicate glass with flared base and color accents

Proudly designed in Georgia.