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This glass bong, which is hand blown with borosilicate glass in Savannah, Georgie stands at approximately 11 inches in height and features 3 different recycler chambers. Just like the Hydra from Greek mythology, this bong is a three headed beast! Smoke enters this glass pipe via the fixed 90 degree downstem and is immediately filtered through a spore percolator. The smoke then travels throughout the Faberge egg body before spiraling throughout the many arms of this recycler. The three levels of the recycler helps to cool the smoke while the spore perc lends some serious diffusion. The combination results is a smooth hit that'll make you fall in love with this bong. The different chambers and slightly angled mouthpiece also act as a splash guard to help keep water in the bong and your lips dry. 

The thick glass bong comes with a 14mm male bowl, which enters the 14mm female fixed joint. The mouthpiece and spore percolator both feature colored accents. 

It only takes one hit to realize this is a one of a kind pipe!!


  • One of a kind pore perc
  • Recycler style glass bong
  • Awesome Fabrege egg body
  • Colored accents
  • American Glass
  • Artistic Glass

Proudly designed in Georgia.

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