Dab Rig with Circ Perc and Honey Bucket Bowl (Multiple Colors)

Black Leaf & Blaze Glass

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The handcrafted honey bucket glass oil / dab rig from Black Leaf is part of their 'O!L' collection. This approximately 7 inch oil /dab rig includes a circ percolator which perfectly diffuses your vapor and provides for an amazing smoking experience. Additionally, instead of the tradition bowl & nail combination, this piece comes equipped with a quartz honey bucket swing arm bowl, for optimal efficiency. 

This pot can easily be moved back and forth by the pivoting device. That makes heating the bottom with a torch very comfortable and safe. When the pot is hot enough, the user swings back the bucket onto the fixed downstem, as they inhale, the vapor enters the rig.

The oil / dab rig is made of high-quality, thick borosilicate glass which makes this piece stable and robust.

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