Mini Dual Dab Rig & Bong with 4 Level Showerhead Perc

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Product Description

This approx. 7 inch dual purpose dab rig and glass water pipe is the epitome of big things come in small sizes. The design features a round body, angled mouthpiece, 18mm male joint, and a 4 level showerhead perc. The 4 level showerhead percolator features 4 levels of circular perc, with several slits that provide incredible filtration to your smoke.The fixed downstem delivers the smoke directly to your percolator which results in awesome smoke filtration and cooling, creating a light and enjoyable smoking experience.

This pipe comes with both an 18mm female bowl and an 18mm glass nail & dome set, which makes this multi purpose dab rig & bong a steal. This piece is sturdy, smooth, and the small size can make it great for travel.