Grav Labs Saxaphone Sherlock Hand Pipe (Multiple Colors)

Grav Labs

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The Saxophone Sherlock glass hand pipe is designed by Grav Labs. It is approx 6" long and made on 25mm glass tubing. Grav Labs has created another functional and asthetically beautiful pipe. This saxophone design inspired sherlock style hand pipe is multi-functional, with a long body, which cools your smoke, and a bend which acts as a natural ash catcher. Additionally, the hand pipe features a marble on the side, which acts as a roll stop in between uses. The thick borosilicate glass helps to ensure that the pipe will last!

  •  Grav Labs Sherlock
  • 25mm Tubing
  • Ash-Catching Curve
  • Marble Support
  • Circular Mouthpiece
  • Colored Glass
  • Deep Bowl


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