Grav Labs Beaker Base 12 inch Glass Bong w/ Black Accents

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Product Description

When you've moved on to more advanced chemistry, it's time to reach for the GRAV 12 inch Medium Beaker with Black Accents. The clear glass with black accents allows you to watch as the fission downstem diffuses smoke through water for the smoothest hits. The downstem is also removable for easy cleaning. The Medium Beaker features a geometric pinch that doubles as an ice catcher and a splash guard. This piece includes a 14mm GRAV Funnel Bowl so all you need to do is add about 2" of water before you get down to experimenting.  

This 38mm, super thick wall water pipe stands 12 inches tall and features a beaker base with a recessed swiss diffused 9 hole removable downstem, 14mm martini funnel bowl, with a polished joint and Grav's proprietary geometric ice-pinch.

  • Height: 12 inches
  • Joint: 14mm
  • Downstem: recessed swiss diffused 9 hole removable downstem
  • Includes the one of a kind Grav proprietary ice - pinch
  • Designed in america by Grav Labs