Grav Labs Bates-Worm Diffusion Pump 7 Inch Bubbler Dab Rig

Grav Labs

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The Grav Labs Bates & Worm Outside Diffusion Pump Bubbler is an incredible design collaboration between Grav Labs, Steve Bates & Worm Glass. Water is pulled through the diffusion pump on the inside of the dab rig and the glass bead separates your hit into tons of individual bubbles.

The rig is hand blown using borosilicate glass, which is know for its durability and sleek design. The bubbler stands at approx. 7 inches in height, has a slight beaker base for stability, and an angled mouthpiece which acts as a splashguard. The Bates-Worm Bubbler comes ready to use with a 14mm female domeless nail made of heat-tolerant quartz and functions best with approximately 3" of water.

This piece takes dabs to the next level, as it showcases a diffusion pump design which is the perfect marriage of science and smoking.

  • Height: approx 7 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Made with thick 44mm tubing
  • Material: Premium-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Percolator: Bates and Worms Diffusion Pump system
  • Design: Bent neck, and wide base
  • Scientific glass
  • American Glass
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