Empire Glassworks Glass Pineapple Roach Clip

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Product Description

The perfect addition to your smoking session, never waste the ends of your joints or blunts again. Just clip this piece on to the end and smoke until there is nothing left. No messy, smelly or burnt fingers!!

Individually handmade by the expert glassblowers at Empire Glassworks, this pineapple themed roach clip will turn the end of your smoke sesh into a tropical getaway.

The Pineapple Roach Clip features colored borosilicate glass that is as sweet as the fruit it represents, with an upright design that stands 3” inches tall. The top of this roach clip is equipped with a sturdy clasp that firmly attaches to the side of your joint or blunt, without completely blocking the airflow, to help you finish your sesh. Put an end to wasted joints & messy fingers today with the Empire Glassworks Pineapple Roach Clip!

Truly a work of art from a company that takes their craftsmanship very seriously.