Diamond Glass - Tall Water Pipe Bong with Dual Honeycomb and Turbine Percs

Diamond Glass

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This incredible dual function water pipe bong is hand blown by Diamond Glass in Southern California. The glass pipe stands at approx. 13 inches and features both a honeycomb and turbine percolator, as well as the Diamond Glass logo on the top of the bong by the mouthpiece. The design also features a straight tube body and a flared base for sturdiness. 

Smoke first enters the water pipe through the fixed, 90 degree downstem and travels through the honeybomc percolator for its first level of filtration. The smoke then travels up through the turbine percolator, where it is filtered for a second time. This dual filtration results in a super smooth hit every time. Watch the smoke build in this piece before you take a massive rip!

  • Height: Approx. 13 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm female joint
  • Bowll Size: 14mm male
  • American Made Glass
  • Dual Percolators: Honeycomb Perc & Turbine Perc
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