Empire Glassworks Squirrel's Nest Worked Hand Pipe

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Product Description

This 4.5 inch heady, worked hand pipe was meticulously hand blown by Empire Glassworks in sunny California. This true American Made glass hand pipe is one of a kind. The body of the hand pipe is deigned like a tree trunk with incredible details running all the way to the bowl which is set up as the leafy top of the tree. Hiding in the leafs a top this tree is a nesting squirrel. The squirrel details runs from the front of the pipe, which features its face, to the back which features its tail ant butt. This piece is made from super thick, high quality borosilicate glass right here in the USA!!

  • Left Side Carb Hole
  • Empire Glassworks Stamp
  • Heady Glass
  • American Made Glass
  • Hand Blown & High Quality

Truly a work of art from Empire Glassworks, a company that takes their craftsmanship very seriously.