Black Leaf Glass LED-Light Neon Bong Water Pipe

Black Leaf & Blaze Glass

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The 'Flashing' icebong from 'Black Leaf' turns smoky chambers into colorful disco temples! Two colored LED lights, which are located in the bong base, light up your bong with rich, but matte neon color. This is an awesome bong to use outside at night, in a dark room, or in a room with plenty of light, if that's you thing. 

The bong stands approximately 19 inches tall and is hand made with borosilicate glass. The piece comes with a downstem and a bowl for herbs and buds. The tube features an ice catcher, which allows it to be filled with ice cubes which cools the smoke and provides a more enjoyable smoking experience. 

Lastly, it is noted that this pipe features a kickhole on the lower front. The lighting unit is powered by 3 button batteries (LR44). Although all electrical pieces are integrated and protected, it is still recommended that you remove them when cleaning.

Currently only available in black.

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