AMG Glass Massive 22 inch Double Perc Glass Bong Water Pipe

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Product Description

This massive 22 inch beaker base water pipe is made of think, clear borosilicate glass, right here in America by AMG glass. In addition to the sturdiness and sleek design, this bong also displays some incredible filtration and functionality. Smoke first enters the water pipe via a removable diffused downstem, then travels up through the first UFO percolator and finally then travels up through the second UFO percolator. The combination of these three levels of filtration create a memorable smoking experience every time.

Just above the second UFO percolator is a 3 prong ice pinch, which allows you to place several cubes of ice into this bong to cool your smoke. Just under the mouthpiece is the AMG frosted logo. 

  • Height: 21 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Beaker Base, Straight Tube
  • Diffused downsten & Dual UFO Percolators