8'' Super Mario Mushroom Percolator Glass Dab Rig

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This awesome, Super Mario inspired dab rig features a solid, thick glass design with red accents and a mushroom design on the perc and glass design. The rig stands at approx. 8 inches tall, and is made of thick 5mm borosilicate glass. At an affordable price, this sleek, trippy, and highly functional dab rig is a steal. 

Smoke travels into the rig through the fixed joint, is then filtered through the mushroom percolator, and finally travels up to you through the angled mouthpiece. The mushroom percolator helps to filter and cool your smoke, while the angled mouthpiece acts like a splash guard, protecting your face from water splash. The combination of these features creates an incredibly smooth and awesome smoking experience.


  • Filtration through the Mushroom perc 
  • Natural angled mouthpiece splash guard
  • Approx.8 " tall & 14mm joint size
  • Premium borosilicate glass

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