16 Inch OG Beaker Base Bong with Super Thick Clear Glass

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This 16 inch OG beaker base water pipe glass bong is hand blow with super think borosilicate 9mm glass. This piece is almost twice as thick as a standard bong, which helps to keep this pipe in one piece for the long haul. Truly a great piece for those of us, who are prone to knocking our bongs over from time to time. The design features a sleek and simple clear glass body, a great height, at 16 inches tall, thick glass, a diffused downstem, beaker base, and ice pinch.

The smoke enters the pipe via the removable diffused downstem and is immediately filtered before it travels up to the ice pinch, which to can stack several cubes of ice to cool your smoke. The combination of these two things creates a super smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. 

 Watch your smoke fill this 16 inch glass bong time and time again as it's sturdy design and super thick glass helps it to stand the test of time.

  • Height: 16 inches
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Beaker Base
  • Diffused downstem

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