12 Inch Freezable Coil Glass Water Pipe Bong

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Product Description

This approx. 12 inch water pipe bong boasts and incredible design, which features a removable and freezable coil. The coil is made to be frozen then affixed to the beaker for the coolest and smoothest hits that you have ever experienced. The coil is easily removed and held in place via a keck clip. Additionally, the coil features a roll stop on the outside of the piece, so that it won't roll off a surface when placed down desperately.

Smoke enters this pipe via a diffused downstem and then travels up through the freezable coil. The combination of filtration and cooling results in a super smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The design includes black accents (downstem & coil), the Phoenix logo on the beaker base, Phoenix in text on the neck and downstem, and a gold pattern on the bottom of the beaker base. 

  • Height: Approx.12 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm female joint
  • Bowl Size: 14mm male
  • Functionality: Diffused Downstem & Freezable Coil

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