Empire Glassworks Alien Themed Glass Sherlock Hand Pipe

Empire Glassworks

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No, that's not a cosmic space alien bursting out of your chest, it's that hit you just took off Empire Glasswork's newest themed hand pipe! It is a fully function piece, with a deep bowl and full carb, perfect for the smoker who happens to also like horror classics!

This approximately 6.5 inch heady Alien themed sherlock style hand pipe from Empire Glassworks features features a beautiful navy blue glass design with raised black and clear nubs. Inside one of the clear raised glass pieces is a stunning glass opal. This tobacco bowl features an alien face on the front, with green slyme glass drips and white glow in the dark teeth. This glass pipe contains a deep bowl and a wide mouthpiece for increased airflow through the pipe. This themed spoon is manufactured right here in the USA from thick 5mm glass.

This piece is hand-blown with super thick, high quality borosilicate glass in California by Empire Glassworks!! Truly a work of art from a company that takes their craftsmanship very seriously.

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