Grav Labs 13 inch Dual Function Inline Perc Water Pipe

Grav Labs

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This dual function water pipe by Grav Labs brings the best of both worlds be doubling as both a bong and a dab rig. The GRAV Dual-Function Water Pipe is 13" tall and made with thick 44mm tubing. Its twin intake chambers are designed to accommodate both plant matter and plant extract consumption. The left chamber features a 14mm male joint, fitted with a 14mm female domeless nail made on heat-tolerant quartz. The right chamber features a 14mm female joint, fitted with a 14mm taster bowl.

Both joints can be blocked to focus airflow to the opposing joint using the pipe's 14mm male and female reversible glass plug (not shown in pictures). The two lower chambers converge on an inline perc, which leads to a circle perc and tapered mouthpiece. Both of these percs create an incredibly smooth smoking experience. Be the envy of all of your friends and pick up this one of a kind dual-function water pipe designed by Grav Labs.

The dual-function water pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm female quartz domeless nail, a 14mm taster bowl, and a 14mm reversible glass plug and works best with approximately 2" of water.

  • Height: 13 inches
  • Joint: 14mm
  • Downstem: fixed and angled, leads to a smooth inline percolator
  • Designed by Grav Labs in Austin Texas
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